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In my 25+ years of experience, no one does the daycare, boarding, and retail services like this. And whoever does is the real winner.

West Street Dog

Laura Muntel, owner

The features that RunLoyal provides us has allowed us to take the next step in business. We’ve become more  efficient and it has really been a blessing especially during this past pandemic.


Savill Collins, Manager

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Our manager loves staying in touch through the app!
Rick D.
Toledo, OH.
We love the mobile app, especially the
'on-the-way' feature!
Mimi F.
Birmingham, AL.
The website is exactly what we needed
for our business!
Mark M.
Mocksville, NC.
RunLoyal is making our business look
extremely professional.
Danielle H.
Scranton, PA.

We just launched the first Express Check-In Kiosk Tablet for pet businesses!