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Custom Branded App

Give your customers your own custom-branded app that they can download from both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Look professional and obtain more bookings fast!

Instant Messaging

Your staff and your customers can message back and forth if any changes need to be made to appointments. Also send targeted marketing messages to your customers.

Packages & Memberships

Create customized packages and memberships that customers can purchase in-app and at your facility.

Express Check-in/Out

With our Express Check-In/Out system, arriving customers can check in their pets on a tablet in just seconds. Less waiting equals happier customers!

Easy Payments

Make payments easy for your customers as well as your staff with our secure, integrated payments system. Customers can pay electronically through their app or your website.

Social Media

Connect your social media so you can post reviews, pictures, and more- all straight from your portal!

Reputation Management

Choose which customers you want to ask for reviews. It'll go straight to their app where they can fill out your custom review form. Quickly post those 5 star reviews on your website as well as Google Reviews!


Robust reporting and analytics lets you see where your revenue is coming from, where it can improve, and much, much more.

Website Design

Work with our web design specialists to build your own custom website! Customers can request appointments directly from your site that show up in real time on your portal and app.

Save your business time & money

Integrated Payments

Our integrated payment processing allows you to accept online payments and on-site payments, while storing customer credit card information in-app and on your staff portal. All saving your business time and money. 

Introducing Our Newest Release

Express Check-In Tablet

Add the RunLoyal Express Check-In Tablet to your pet business, allowing your customers to check-in for appointments, add their pet’s belongings, add notes, pay for their appointment and more.

Easy to Download

Your customers can download your app through the App Store and Google Play.

appointment requests

Customers can make appointments in your app where they are streamlined to your staff portal. Customers will also get appointment reminders which helps reduce no-shows.

instant messaging

You and your customers can message back and forth in case either of you have any questions. If your customer doesn't have your app, your message will be received as an SMS text.

Online Payments

Our secure POS payment system eliminates the hassle of lost checks, cash, and forgotten payments.

Give Your Customers
Your Own Customized App

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Feature Details

  • Cloud based software to access your business anytime, anywhere
  • Securely store all of your customer data and payments
  • Custom branded app customers can download on the App Store and Google Play
  • Integrated payments and mobile integrated payments
  • Detailed business and financial reports
  • Free data transfer
  • Supports multiple business locations
  • Staff training and step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Clean interface of daily appointments
    • Upcoming Appointments
    • Confirmed
    • Pending Requests
    • Going Home
    • Checked In
    • On The Way
    • Curbside
    • Waiting List
  • Set staff hours 
  • View calendar by service
  • Assign pet to staff (grooming , training, etc)
  • Make adjustments to appointments
  • Establish business hours
  • Create business holidays 
  • Customize hours by service
  • Visual Map
    • Add pet to their designated area 
    • Customize facility map with drag and drop areas
    • Specify areas (weight, breed, pet type, service, capacity)
    • Color code facility sections/services
  • Pet belongings notes
  • Create pet profile(s)
  • Book and request appointments in app
  • Send pet photos to customers
  • Watch live video feed of pet in facility in-app (if your facility has cameras)
  • Upload immunization documents
  • Temperament notes
  • Food and feeding notes
  • Save payment methods
  • Buy packages  and memberships on the app
  • Sign agreements
  • “On My Way” features
  • Curbside pick-up and drop-off
  • In-app and SMS text automatic notifications
    • Appointment confirmation
    • Appointment reminders
    • Appointment changes
    • Digital receipts
    • Request deposit
    • Agreement reminders
    • Immunization reminders
    • Expired immunization(s)
    • Read for pick up 
    • Report card
  • Unlimited number of clients and pet data
  • Search by customer and/or pet name
  • Add photos to pet profiles and message them to customers
  • Database of Pet Owners
  • Database of Pets
  • Automatic profile created for Pet Owners and Pets including:
    • Appointment history
    • Contact information
    • Medication history, records, immunizations
    • Add customized tags
    • Purchases
    • Packages and memberships
    • Agreements
    • Saved payment methods
  • Create customized report cards to print or send electronically after appointments
  • Customize your services
  • Create add-on’s to your services
  • Request and decide what to require from customers before appointment requests
    • Card on file 
    • Medical history
    • Medication
    • Food and feeding information
    • Immunizations
    • Create custom questions before booking
      • Note: these are soft requirements you can configure, but you can customize services to require a hard deposit before booking
  • Create services based on
    • Staff Based
    • Lodging Based
    • Capacity Based
  • Customize how far in advanced you want your customers to book your services
  • Customize customer notifications
    • In-app reminder
    • SMS text
    • Email 
  • Customize appointment approvals
    • Manual (Staff must confirm)
    • Automatic approval
  • Pet Configuration
    • Customize services and lodging based on pet type, breed, weight
  • Create customized packages
  • Create customized memberships 
    • Customers can purchase packages in-app and both during their in-person checkout
  • Create rules as discounts
    • “Bring in your second dog for 20% off”
    • “Take $20 off when you board with us in our new Luxury Boarding Suite”
  • Rules are customizable by percentage, discount, # of pets, service category, etc.
  • Manage employee schedules
  • Master calendar (sortable by employee, staff, etc.)
  • Employee clock-in & clock-out (for shifts and breaks)
  • Detailed report on employee timesheets
  • Assign employee to services
  • Assign employee as admin/not (monitor what they can view)
  • Tip reports
  • Designate employee types
  • Assign employee “to-do” daily facility tasks
  • Detailed Operational, Compliance and Financial Reports (including)
    • Revenue by Staff
    • Revenue by Service
    • Package Details
    • Memberships
    • Invoice Register
    • Tip Reports
    • Pet Owner Details
    • Open Invoices
    • Retail
    • Total Revenue
    • Quickbooks Sales Receipts in Detail
    •  Sales Tax

and more!

  • Customizable customer deposits
  • Customizable customer agreements 
  • Customer payment history
  • Add additional service fees
  • Customizable invoices
  • Digital recipts 
  • RunLoyal Academy Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos
  • Online Portal Chat
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Staff Group Training
  • 1-1 Staff Training (via Zoom or in-person if local)

Rise to the top

Increase Your Sales

Expand your customer base with our marketing campaigns, up-sell your services through your app, and increase your customer satisfaction and credibility with our reputation management and reviews feature.

Differentiate Your Business

Offer Additional Services

With your custom-branded app, you can start adding additional services to your business like daycare, boarding, grooming, pet taxi, and more!

Eliminate The hassle

Go Paperless

Eliminate the stress of papers, immunizations, and lost checks and forms. Everything is online and cloud based so it’s secure and you don’t have to worry about losing Fluffy’s immunization forms.

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Personal onboarding

You'll be matched with one of our onboarding specialists to help you navigate and succeed with our software. You can be up and running in no time!

secure payments

Your customers' payments are 100% secure with our integrated credit card processing.

Unlimited Support

With our 24/7 email and chat support, our team is here to guide you every step of the way in navigating our software and growing your business.

secure in the cloud

Everything is saved to the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing data, information crashing, and reaching your portal while you're away.

1-1 customer service

Your success is our success, and we're determined to help you in any way we can. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and will keep you up to speed with any new software features.

Unlimited Training

We understand the potential challenges with new software and are ready to offer your team unlimited training to ensure a seamless transition.

We just launched the first Express Check-In Kiosk Tablet for pet businesses!