Camera Integration

Give your pet parents a peek at their pet while in your care.

Camera Integration

Give your pet parents a peek at their pet while in your care.

Boost business and keep your pet parents happy.

Enhance your pet parents experience by allowing them to check in on their pets when they are away, while maintaining control on what cameras and when they can access the camera feeds in the app.

What is Camera Integration?

RunLoyal’s Camera Integration allows pet care facilities to offer live streaming video directly to pet parents through our platform. This feature enriches the pet care experience by enabling owners to stay connected with their pets anytime and anywhere. With high-quality video feeds accessible through our user-friendly app, pet parents can witness their pets’ activities, ensuring peace of mind while they are away.

How does the Camera Integration work?

Integrating the camera system is simple and hassle-free. Pet care centers can connect existing camera setups with any of our camera partners, including iDogCam or abcKam or just about any IP-based camera system directly with RunLoyal’s platform. This integration enables you to decide what cameras are available, at what times, to whom, and if you want to charge for camera access. Once set up, pet parents can access live streams right in their app

Why does the Camera Integration matter?

  • Revenue: Generate added revenue by offering in-suite camera access as a premium add-on service to clients.
  • Trust: Provide pet parents with peace of mind through visual check-ins, enhancing satisfaction.
  • Differentiate: Enable premium service offerings that attract and retain more customers.

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