Visual Map

Create a visual representation of your physical space.

Visual Map

Create a visual representation of your physical space.

Insight at a Glance!

Create a detailed, comprehensive visualization of your facility’s pet care layout. Easily and quickly understand capacity and availability. 

Screenshot of RunLoyal's dog boarding software displaying different boarding areas.

What is the Visual Map?

Build your customized Visual Map to reflect the layout of the different spaces within your facility. Create your areas and then specify the capacity, breed, and pet type allowed in each area.

How does the Visual Map work?

Build and configure your map to accurately represent your space. Utilize the visual representation to understand booking capacity and space in a glace.

Happy curly-haired dog relaxing on a blue mat against a white brick background.
Woman smiling at computer with her Golden Retriever in a sunny office.

Why does the Visual Map matter?

  • Efficient. Easily and quickly view your pet care space.
  • Clear. Provides a visual representation of all your service areas.
  • Access. Get to the important capacity and availability information you need fast.

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