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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your business with RunLoyal (migrating your current data, building your custom app and staff portal) can be done as quickly as 7-10 days, depending on your schedule and amount of data we have to integrate. You’ll work with a dedicated onboarding specialist who will train you on the RunLoyal system and guide you through the entire process.

Great news! You can either schedule a demo with one of our specialists here or feel free to email our team at sales@runloyal.com so we can send you an order form and next steps.

Easy! Your app will be available in both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store so your customers can download it straight from there.

We also give you a QR code that links to the apps.  You can display it in your store, on your website, and use it in your advertising. We’ll also use your customer data base and create an email campaign so all of your customers will be notified to download your app.

Absolutely. For any customers that don’t download your app or don’t have a smartphone, we can create a form on your website that is similar to your custom branded app.

They’ll be able to make appointments on your website as well as calling your facility so that your staff can manually enter in their appointment request.

We sure do! All we will need is your camera IP address and we can sync those cameras with our app so that way your customers can see their pets anytime, anywhere, all on their app.

Unfortunately, we’re only able to serve customers residing in the United States. We are hoping to expand internationally in the future and would happily add anyone interested to our international waitlist.

Nope! That is all included in your one-time set-up fee. Your set-up fee includes:

  • Custom branded app
  • Customized business portal
  • Customer data migration
  • Unlimited staff training (via Zoom, chat, email, phone, and in-person training sessions if you are local – Atlanta, GA)


Your set-up fee is $499 (one-time fee when you sign up)

No worries!  You can change plans at any time so you only pay for what you need.

For example- if you have the Jog level (up to 500 appointments per month) and one month you do over 500 appointments, you’ll be charged for the next level (Run) but only for that month. 

However, if you go over more than two months in a row, your plan will change. You can contact one of our specialists to learn more and find the plan that fits best with your business.

Our software experts will export your current customer data (CSV) and import that into your new RunLoyal Business Portal to make your software transition as easy as possible.

Our software focuses in managing payments seamlessly- making it easy to complete online payment transactions and in-person transactions with our touch-screen payment terminal.

Customers can easily purchase and renew your packages and memberships on their app, keeping customer card information on file so they can pay for appointments on their app and put down deposits for your services (all customizable based on what your business prefers).

Staff training is include when you sign with RunLoyal – at no additional cost. We’ll provide ongoing support by hosting staff training sessions via Zoom as well as being available to answer any questions via email and phone. 

And if your facility is local (Atlanta, GA), we’d be more than happy to come to your location and host a training session in person if you’d prefer that. 

We can provide you with multiple training sessions, whatever your team needs in order to understand the software.

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