Training Features

Packages & Memberships

Increase your revenue and delight your customers by creating customized packages and memberships. Create packages like “10 Training Sessions” and offer discounts for multiple pets.

Customers can purchase these packages at your facility during check-out or on your app. 

Online & In-App Booking

Customers can easily request appointments on your app, as well as on your website’s customized form. On your app they can create their pet’s profile, add immunizations and feeding info, purchase packages, pay for their appointments, sign agreements and more.

Customer Agreements

Create agreements based on service that you can require customers to sign before booking your services. You can also create questions to ask first-time customers and require information like immunizations, feeding info, medications, temperament notes, and more. 

Send Automated Appointment Reminders

Send automated appointment reminders for upcoming appointments to help decrease no-shows. You can configure your notifications in settings, so you can choose how you want customers to receive them: through your app, SMS text, or email. 

Quick Checkout

RunLoyal helps you gives your customers and staff a painless checkout experience. Simply search for or click on an appointment to checkout and add retail, additional services, and more. Apply your customer’s packages (if they have any purchased) or they can purchase them right there. You can also create discounts or adjustments on each of your items during checkout.

Unleash the Paws-Abilities

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Detailed Reports

Robust reporting and analytics let you see where your revenue is coming from, how to pay your staff and much more.

Instant Messaging

Message back and forth with your customers, send photos, and create easy marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

Packages & Memberships

Create customized packages and memberships that customers can purchase in-app and at your facility.

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