We’re a few months into the year and we’re already seeing a couple of trends regarding client expectations for boarding, grooming, and daycare services for their pets. 

When it comes to promoting your business this year, here are a few important promotional points to get across in your messaging in 2024. 


Pet parents, especially those that are millennials and gen-z, are increasingly concerned with their environmental impact and the impact of businesses they support. They are willing to pay more for daycare, grooming, and boarding services if they know they are supporting a business that is committed to their standards of sustainability. 

Do you use eco-friendly products for dog grooming? Highlight it! Are there other practices your business uses to reduce your footprint? Make sure that’s front and center for discerning pet parents to discover. 

Treating Pets Like Family

“Pet parents” is an endearing name that is increasingly replacing the term “pet owners” in the industry. Families are taking greater steps to ensure not only the health of their pets but also their emotional and physical wellbeing. 

This shift in their emotional connection to their pets comes with a desire to petcare centers recognize and respect how important these four-legged family members are.

Having strong tools to track personal details about pets, including their dietary restrictions, play preferences, and daycare experiences enables your staff to treat every pet according to their needs. Clients notice and appreciate this attention to detail which in turn builds customer loyalty

A Tailored Experience

Screenshot of RunLoyal App showing dog boarding, grooming, and training options

Do you remember when it became a red flag for a business to not have a website? Well, the time has come when that’s true of having an app. It’s the expectation of the time we live in. 

Providing your clients with a custom-branded app completely upgrades the quality of the experience they have with your center. You can have them check in and out by scanning a QR code, make payments or book appointments with a few swipes on their phone, and even send messages to your staff through the app. 

There are other benefits too. A central database with integrated email marketing means you can avoid sending generic spam emails that clients rush to unsubscribe from.

Don’t Fall Behind On Industry Trends

Staying up to date on trends is the best way to avoid falling behind competitors. You work hard to provide the best care possible and we’re here to help you do that. 

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