Dog Park, Dog Bar & Restaurant Software Features

Dog Park, Dog Bar & Restaurant Software Features

RunLoyal is the first and only platform in the industry to offer a comprehensive membership-based services set of features and functionality designed specifically for dog parks, bars and restaurants. Our digital-first approach simplifies membership management and the pet owner experience with a simple to use, app-driven platform.

Branded App

Foundational to our approach is providing each of our customers with their own branded app. Your branded app allows your customers to create their own profile, add their pets’ details, save credit cards on file, upload immunizations, purchase memberships, sign agreements, and even check in to your facility!

Flexible Memberships and Entitlements

Whether you want to offer day passes, or weekly, monthly, or even annual memberships, we’ve got you covered. We can even do lifetime and custom duration memberships. You can even specify a timeframe that any membership is available for purchase. Do you offer a discount on other services to specific membership holders, we can do that too.


Easy QR Code Driven Check-in

Checking into a dog park is quick and easy, typically taking less than 10 seconds! It’s as simple as scanning a membership QR code at the RunLoyal Express Check-in/Check-out Kiosk app, which is included with all membership-based services subscriptions. Pet owners can easily access their membership-specific QR code right from the home screen in the app.

Comprehensive Membership Reporting

Detailed reporting is key to truly understanding your business. That is why we provide a collection of membership-based reports to help you understand the health of your business. These reports include details such as membership utilization, purchase details, renewal history, and even accrued and deferred membership values.

Auto-renewing Memberships

The real power behind a membership model is the recurring revenue opportunity it brings. That’s why we have provided the capability for memberships to be auto-renewing. But it may not make sense for all memberships to automatically renew, especially with daily passes. That is why we give you the option to choose if you want a membership to be auto renewed or not.
These membership-based services are simply an extension of the full RunLoyal platform. That means that in addition to all of these features designed exclusively for the dog park, dog bar and dog restaurant operators, you also get the full functionality of the RunLoyal system, including comprehensive pet and pet owner profiles, true 2-way communication with customers, simplified vaccine management, integrated payments, detailed reporting, automated reminders and notifications, and much more!

Unleash the Paws-Abilities

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Detailed Reports

Robust reporting and analytics let you see where your revenue is coming from, how to pay your staff and much more.

Instant Messaging

Message back and forth with your customers, send photos, and create easy marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

Packages & Memberships

Create customized packages and memberships that customers can purchase in-app and at your facility.

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