Daycare Features

Online & In-App Booking

Customers can easily request appointments on your app, as well as on your website’s customized form. On your app they can create their pet’s profile, add immunizations and feeding info, purchase packages, pay for their appointments, sign agreements and more.

Packages & Memberships

Increase your revenue and delight your customers by creating customized packages and memberships. Create packages like “10 Full Days of Daycare” and offer discounts for multiple pets.

Customers can purchase these packages at your facility during check-out or on your app. 

Customized Report Cards

Send your pets home with a personalized Report Card. You can customize your report cards by service (Daycare Report Card, Boarding Report Card, etc.) and print them or send them digitally to pet owners after their stay. 

Add Customized Pet & Owner Tags

Create customized tags you can add to your pet owners and pets. You can also see automatic colored tags for pets who are spayed/neutered/neither/etc.

You’ll also get additional notifications and tags for pets who have expired immunizations, missing feeding information, and unsigned agreements for your services. 

Facility Map

RunLoyal makes it easy to assign each pet’s appointment to a designated area in their facility. You can create your customized Facility Visual Map, where you can customize the colors, drag and drop areas, and specify the capacity, breed, and pet type you want allowed in each designated area.

Recurring Appointments

Do you have some customers that come in several times a week for daycare? Not a problem! 

You can create recurring appointments on your business portal for your customers that come in more frequently. They’ll still get their notification reminders per appointment and everything will fit nicely inside your calendar.

Unleash the Paws-Abilities

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Detailed Reports

Robust reporting and analytics let you see where your revenue is coming from, how to pay your staff and much more.

Instant Messaging

Message back and forth with your customers, send photos, and create easy marketing campaigns to drive revenue.

Packages & Memberships

Create customized packages and memberships that customers can purchase in-app and at your facility.

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