6 Ways Kennels Can Improve Engagement With Pet Owners

6 Ways Kennels Can Improve Engagement With Pet Owners

We asked pet owners what their kennels could do to improve their engagement and overall experience.  Here are the top requests! 


Coming in at #6, we have better communication.  Respondents had a variety of comments, but having a clean-looking website with information that is easily accessible was one of the most common requests.


At #5, pet owners expressed a desire for electronic payments. This means giving your pet owners more ways to pay – like on your website or via mobile app. Not only will you look like a tech-savvy business, but offering online payments can even improve the efficiency of pet pickup on a busy evening!


Pet owners ranked online scheduling as #4 on their “most desired features” when looking for a kennel. In fact, over 83% of pet owners admitted that they were interested in switching from their current kennel to another kennel that would provide a mobile app.


#3 on the list is a loyalty program. There are plenty of ways to create a loyalty program (points based on dollar spend or activity, free perks or discounts, etc). Pet owners are far more likely to repeat customers with a kennel that has these small incentives. It’s an easy way to build that bond with your customers and secure a long-term relationship.


Most pet businesses spend a lot of time on the phone.  And most pet owners we surveyed cited text or app notification as their preferred communication method.  So it’s no surprise that text messaging & push notifications came in as #2 on this list.  This applies to everything from appointment reminders to pet status updates while the owner is away.  Communicate with your customers the way they want to communicate!


Coming in at the MOST REQUESTED feature, our surveyed pet owners agreed a live video feed of their pet was the top item that would most improve their kennel experience. Less than 10% of pet owners said their kennels currently offer live video, so there’s no better time than now to offer live video as your competitive advantage against competing businesses.


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