The Pet Industry Post Covid- Separation Anxiety

The Pet Industry Post Covid- Separation Anxiety

Covid-19 has shifted the way you take care of your pets, but now that the pandemic is coming to a close and we have to adapt to new ways of taking care of our beloved pets.

How Can the Pet Industry Adapt?


  1.   Anxiety relieving toys

  2.   CBD supplements

  3.   Wifi automatic pet food dispensers with video cameras


It is critical for the pet industry to adapt to the changing market by prioritizing anxiety relieving pet toys, CBD supplements, and wifi automatic pet food dispensers with video cameras. Pet owners are now returning to the office and are spending less time at home.

Pet stores and companies need to adjust to the ever-growing stress and separation anxiety that pets are feeling. Anxiety relieving toys that offer brain stimulation or a simple stuffed animal to comfort pets while owners are away can be key to helping pets overcome their separation anxiety. CBD supplements can additionally be used to help keep pets calm while away. Pet stores can adapt by including products like wifi automatic pet food dispensers with video cams so that pet owners can check in on their pets during the day.

How Can Pet Owners Adapt?


   1.   Practice leaving for extended periods of time

   2.   Leave TV or Music on while away

   3.   Increases exercise


While using the products that the pet industry has adopted, pet owners can also turn to practicing leaving their pets alone for extended periods of time for varying lengths, leaving TV or music on while away, and increasing their pet’s daily exercise.

These will help keep your pet’s mind at ease while you are away. 

Additional Resources

Here are some of our favorite treats and gadgets that keep our pets entertained while calming their anxiety.


   1.  West Paw Treat Dispensing Toy (we suggest stuffing treats and peanut butter inside and freezing it for an extended playtime


   2.  KONG Classic Durable Dog Toy with Peanut Butter – you can’t go wrong with this classic! And it’s perfect for large chewers!


   3.  Puzzle Toys – there are a wide variety of puzzle toys to pick from, but we’ve linked a couple options as examples. These are great for extremely active dogs (like Australian Shepherds and Border Collies).


   4.  Snuffle Mats – these are great to use in replace of food bowls! (My Australian Shepherd loves his Snuffle Mat and it extends his mealtime for 30-40 minutes)

   5.  Busy Bones – these bones are great when trying to entertain your dog while you have people over or are working from home. It keeps my Australian Shepherd occupied for over an hour! There are several different brands of busy bones but the one we’ve linked is our favorite! 

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