Thanksgiving with Pets: Do’s & Don’ts

Thanksgiving with Pets: Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some of our recommendations to ensure your pet has a Thanksgiving as wonderful as yours! 


DO get out and play with your pet.

Get your dog out and let them get out all their energy so they’ll be more calm in a group later that day.

DON’T serve your pets human-food

It’s hard to resist those puppy eyes staring at you from under the table but avoid giving your dog something other than their usual dog food. Otherwise they could experience digestive trouble, vomiting, diarrhea, or worse.

Here is a list of Thanksgiving foods that will cause digestive problems in dogs.

DO set aside some extra snuggle time

Pets can often feel avoided around the holiday buzz so make sure you leave some time to show your pets how much you care, especially before a group or gathering.

DON’T think smaller food is safer for your pet

Just because some foods are smaller doesn’t always been it’s safer for your pets to eat. Small foods like grapes or nuts are actually far more harmful than bigger foods. So make sure you stick to an all-dog-food diet for your dog as well as keeping all the human-food out of reach to any curious pets.

DO plan ahead if you want to board your pet 

The holidays are the busiest times for pet daycare and overnight boarding. So if you do plan on boarding your pets during the holidays, make sure you reserve your spot ASAP since most boarding services and pet-sitters are booked far in advance.

DON’T let your pet loose in a group of people

If your pet attends a holiday gathering with lots of people, it’s always a good idea to bring a crate and/or leash so that way your dog won’t be overwhelmed as well as any guests who don’t warm up to pets well.

DO let your gathering know ahead of time if you plan on bringing your pets

Always consider the temperament of your pet before bringing them to a gathering. If they are more energetic and don’t do well with younger children, consider boarding them or ask your guests ahead of time in case of any dog-fearing people or young children that may be attending.

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