Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Should You Get Pet Insurance?

Thinking of Investing in Pet Insurance?  Read This Before You Decide.

Most pet owners decide to pay out of pocket for all their pet’s medical expenses. This is a good option for pet owners who have a little more flexibility with their finances when it comes to their pup’s healthcare. 

However, in the uncertainty of your pet’s health, it may be beneficial to look into if pet insurance is a better option financially. 

“1 in 3 Pets Will Need Emergency Vet Treatment Within a Given Year.”

The ASPCA estimates that dog owners spend around $265-$650 annually on food, toys, treats, and other miscellaneous expenses. Meanwhile, the average cost for a routine veterinary checkup can cost anywhere from $50 to $250.

You’ll most likely pay around $100 for your dog’s core vaccines and if you’re pet is healthy, that may be all they need.

Medical Emergency Expenses

It’s almost impossible to foresee a medical emergency with your pet so it can be hard to decide if and when is the right time to invest in pet insurance. 

These emergencies can cost thousands of dollars. The average unexpected veterinary care can range from $800 to easily over $1,500 per visit. 



See our infographic below for specific emergencies and the expenses that come along with each one. 

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