How Much Revenue Does the Average Dog Daycare Business Make?

How Much Revenue Does the Average Dog Daycare Business Make?

Dog daycare businesses: by the numbers 


As of 2019, the American Pet Products Association reported that more U.S. households have dogs than children. Approximately 63 million U.S. households have dogs, where only 52.8 million households have children. 

The pet industry is currently valued at over $70 billion, making it one of the most attractive markets to enter into. And more than ever, millennials are adopting dogs. Nearly 75% of 30-somethings in the U.S. own dogs, with that number only growing higher during the pandemic. 

There are so many variables that play into the profitability of dog boarding businesses. Some of the most important factors include the location of the business, prices, marketing, and how much capacity a facility can hold. 

Dog daycare costs range on average from $29-$46 for a full day of daycare. So with just offering daycare alone to an average of 30 dogs per day, you’d bring in $870 on a slower day and $1,380 on a great day. This becomes about $6,000 per week if your location is open 7 days each week. This would put your business at around $316k a year in daycare alone, not including other services like grooming, overnight boarding, pet taxi, additional services, retail, and more. 



Average Revenue for Dog Daycares

Average revenue per day per dog
$ 1
average revenue per day (30 dogs)
$ 1
average revenue per year for just daycare
$ 1 K

Pet resorts/overnight boarding businesses generally make more than other pet businesses that just offer one service (like grooming). 

For example, a pet resort that offers additional services and has been in business for at least two years can average over $1.2 million in sales and $400k in EBIDTA.




Source: K9Franchise 

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