Doggy Daycare Playground Equipment Ideas

Doggy Daycare Playground Equipment Ideas

Having a variety of doggy daycare play equipment can both increase your customer satisfaction as well as delighting your four-legged friends.

Here are our favorite ideas to implement into your own pet facility.


Ramps & Stairs

These abstract structures include stairs, tires, balance beams, and more. Most of these structures you can build yourself or hire someone to for a fee. The best part? These projects  won’t break the budget and will really make your facility look established and professional. 



Water Elements

Adding anything water related will excite both your customers and your pups! Of course installing a pool isn’t always ideal to do in your pet facility, but there are cheaper options too that your dogs will still love:

      • Small pool
      • Baby pool (plastic)
      • Sprinklers
      • Dog-proof Slip-N-Slide (tarp with water and sprinklers)

Avoid inflatable pools as pet claws can easily tear into it. If you do decide to go with a baby pool, make sure to check the plastic if it’s breaking down or has cracked or broken edges.



Small children tunnels can be the most budget-friendly objects you can include in your facility that your small pups will all enjoy! 


Here are some links to our favorite ones: 

18 ft Dog Tunnel for Training 

16 ft Dog Tunnel with Sandbags 





Dog Toys

A doggy daycare can never have too many dog toys! The best toys we recommend for pet facilities are large toy ropes, frisbees, tennis balls (and tennis ball launchers), kong toys, and more. 


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