COVID-19 and Pet Service Businesses. What You Need to Know.

COVID-19 and Pet Service Businesses. What You Need to Know.

COVID-19 has been affecting businesses drastically since March of 2020, and Pet Service Businesses are no exception.

Pet care is an essential service to many pet-owners. Your goal as a pet service business is to continue providing your services as well as creating your work environment as safe as possible for your staff and customers.

Let’s dive into some of the biggest topics and questions when discussing COVID-19 and the implications it can have on pet businesses.

Are there resources available for small businesses during COVID-19?

Absolutely! Below are links that can help improve your current business situation, educate your staff and customers, and more.

COVID-19 Resources for Pet Care Professionals

Coronavirus FAQ – The Humane Society of the United States

Coronavirus – What Pet Sitters Should Consider 

Recommendations to Protect Employees, Customers, and Animals in Your Care


Can pets spread COVID-19?

As of publishing this blog post, there has been no confirmed cases of animal-to-human spread of COVID-19. However, according the the AVMA, pet owners should still practice caution with their pets if they’ve been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19. 

Revisit your current business plan

After being hit with COVID-19, pet businesses should consider their current business plan and examine their business looking specifically at their profit and insurance plan.


Improve your safety standards

If your businesses stays open during the pandemic, make sure to implement safety standards and let your customers know. Advertise your new safety measures on your social media, if you have a business app, email campaigns, etc. 

Make sure hand-washing stations or sanitizers are available to both your staff and customers. Another way to increase safety in your facility would be to space out chairs, lines, providing masks to customers upon entering, and having your staff wear masks while they work. 

Implement social distancing in your facility

The three biggest ways you can emphasize social distancing are the following:

  1. Set a capacity limit in your facility. Make sure your staff and customers also maintain an appropriate 6 foot distance from one another.
  2. Implement contactless drop-off and pick-up. Have your staff meet your pet-owners and their pets upon arrival. You can also get notified through an app if your business offers that to your customers 
  3. Use contactless payment methods. Offer payment methods to decrease contact with customers and to give them more peace of mind. Some options can be digital card payments, in-app payments, PayPal, etc. 

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