Communicating with Pet Owners: What You Need to Know

Communicating with Pet Owners: What You Need to Know

We surveyed over 1,000 pet owners and asked them the questions that we’ve all been wondering…

Here’s what you need to know about your customers in order to establish a long-term relationship with them:


Social Media Engagement 


Facebook and Instagram seem to be the front-runners in the social media race, especially with Instagram being used far more than Facebook between the ages of 13-32. Facebook is the primary social media used after ages 42, something to keep in mind when creating marketing campaigns for different social media platforms (see graphic below).

Pet owners currently using email or communicating through website forms are content with their method of communication. However, only 29% of pet owners currently use a mobile app/text message notifications while millennials admit that they’d be 82% more likely to switch kennels to a kennel that offers an online booking and/or mobile app. 



When catering to a changing market, it’s essential that pet businesses adapt accordingly. 

If you aren’t already convinced that you need to go on a more online/social route, this may be your evidence:


89% of pet owners prefer communication via mobile phone with their kennel.

When surveying kennel owners crossed with pet owners that utilize kennel services, 89% of users prefer communicating through mobile electronic means, such as a mobile app, text and instant messaging.


220 minutes is the average time users spend on their smartphones per day.

With the amount of time users spend on their smartphones each day increasing rapidly, it’s essential that businesses cater to where their consumers spend most of their time.


70% of customers are 80-100% more likely to use a mobile app. 

When asking pet owners to rate how influenced they would be to use a kennel based solely on a mobile app that would provide live video feed, instant message updates and more, 70% of pet owners responded with a 4-5 (most likely) that they would be persuaded by a mobile app when picking a kennel.


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