5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Pet Business

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Pet Business

If you’ve been in the pet business for some time now, you understand that marketing is crucial in expanding your business.

According to recent studies, the cost to gain new customers has increased by 50% over the last 5 years. 

We’ve compiled our best (and most affordable tips) on growing your pet business! 

And here they are:

1. Create a website for your business

Create or get a website designer to make  a website for you to market your business. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a simple, easy-to-read website with the information that your customers are looking for.

Some easy-to-use options for creating your own website are Wix and SquareSpace.

A bonus: adding a booking option to your website so your customers can book online


2. Get booking software that will organize your business and save you countless hours

This may be the most important tip in regards to increasing your sales and maintaining long-term relationships with your current customers.

Booking software makes a world of a difference for both you and your customers. This software also helps with the rest of our tips: linking social media accounts, building an email list, creating a loyalty program, and so much more. 

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3. Start/build your social media presence with engaging content 

If you don’t have a social media presence for your business, now is the time to start. Take a minute to create accounts on Instagram and Facebook (you can expand to others later) and start creating and posting content. Your numbers will grow with time and you can convert those followers into future customers. 

Invest in Facebook advertising! Promote sales, your most engaged content, and anything you think will get your more followers. You’ll eventually find out what content is best suited for your audience and can start marketing more specifically to them. 


4. Start building an email list

An email list is a huge when generating more sales, creating more appointments and establishing customer loyalty. It’s a great way to establish your brand and always be in the back of your customer’s mind when they go to board their pets. 

5. Create a loyalty program for existing customers 

Reward your existing customers and increase their average spend per visit. Your loyal customers will take up about 80% of your revenue versus the cost of trying to acquire new customers.

Offer gift cards (spend $100, get a $15 gift card), special deals (board your dog for 4 days, get the 5th day free), and more (refer a friend and they both get their next visit free).


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