Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Your Pets


Don’t know what to dress up your pets as this October 31st? We’ve got you covered! 


Our staff picked their top 10 favorite pet costumes your furry friends will paws-itively love this Halloween.


10. Superhero Costume 

You can buy several variations of this costume for your dog and cat but we’ve linked a classic Superman costume HERE for just $11.99 on Amazon! 

9. Sushi Costume (or any food, really!)

Any sushi lover can agree this costume is one of the cutest and most unique we’ve seen! You can buy it HERE or try for other food items if your family likes another delicacy besides sushi! 


8. Angel or Devil Costume 

This costume is one of the easiest costumes you can put together in a hurry and is always a classic! Is your pet more of an angel or devil in your family? Grab these devil horns or angel wings depending on your pet’s personality! 


7. Sherlock Holmes Detective Costume 

Do we have any Sherlock Holmes fans in the house?! This classy detective costume is great for a little dachshund that’s always sniffing around where the trouble will be 🙂 You can shop this costume for your pet HERE.


6. Starbucks Drink Costume 

Does Starbucks know your order by heart? If that’s the case, it’s probably safe to assume that this costume is right for your pet! If you have a smaller dog or cat, try this DIY with a small trashcan and use it to hold your pet like  you hold your coffee! Or if your pet is a little too big to fit, try this DIY on dressing up your pup as a Starbucks barista! 



5. Lion/Lioness Costume

This dog lion mane costume is the number one best selling dog costume on Amazon. It’s so cute so it’s not hard to see why! Any pup would look daring in this mane. Buy it HERE for a ferocious flare this Halloween.


4. Business Man / Woman Costume 

Give your pup some flare this October 31st with this classy suit. Show your neighborhood that this pooch means business! 


3. Ewok Costume from Star Wars

Any Star Wars fan should see this costume as a no-brainer… I mean look at how adorable this is?! And if your furry friend resembles an Ewok already, this costume is just the icing on the cake! 


2. Cowboy Costume 

This costume will catch the eye of everyone in the neighborhood! And if you have a bigger dog, people will be sure to do a double-take. You can’t go wrong either way! Buy this costume HERE.


1. Beanie Baby Costume 

This costume won us over! This costume is one of the easiest to do and gets the neighbors BEST reactions. Check out this DIY tutorial to make your own, or if your pet is small enough, feel free to use an actual Beanie Baby tag if you have one already.

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