Answered: 4 Questions About Tipping Your Dog Groomer

Answered: 4 Questions About Tipping Your Dog Groomer

Should I tip my dog groomer?

Yes!  In grooming, like most service industries, it is customary to tip the person performing the service.  You tip wait staff, hairdressers, taxi drivers, and delivery people.  Your groomer  focuses on the safety, comfort, and style for your pet.  Reward them for that personalized effort.

How much should I tip?

A 15-20% tip is typical.  If the service is excellent or exceeds expectations, feel free to tip more than 20%.  Conversely, if there were issues or the work was done poorly, a lower amount such as 10% may be appropriate.

How & when should I tip my groomer?

Good groomers will review your pooch’s cut with you after the service is completed.  A cash tip handed directly to the groomer at this time is always a safe bet.  If you don’t see your groomer or want to use a card to pay, be sure to leave the tip at checkout.  Also, ask your groomer if they have an app for making appointments, paying and leaving tips.

What if the business owner is also the groomer?

If a restaurant owner waited on you for the evening, you’d leave a tip.  Same for the salon owner who cut your hair.  Grooming is the same; the tip represents your satisfaction with the service performed, regardless of the person performing it.

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